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Betty Buff Tropical Sugar Scrub (NO LONGER TRADING)


Betty Buff asked if I would like to sample a Tropical Sugarscrub for review. I accepted the offer because this brand promises exfoliation that is gentle on sensitive skin and free from colours, fragrances, chemicals and preservatives. Each scrub sounds delicious – Totally Oatly (suitable for vegans, diabetics & chronic dry skin), Besty Zesty, Tropical, Lime & Ginger, Peppermint, Morning Coffee and Scrummy Choco. Betty Buff even has a Shea Souffle Moisturiser perfect for applying after exfoliation. 

So what do I think? Firstly the smell of the Tropical scrub reminds me of Pina Coladas (pineapple & coconut). The fragrance did not appear to transfer onto my skin but was still a pleasure to breathe in during application. The scrub is soft and easy to scoop from the container. This is not a fine scrub the sugar particles are large as Betty Buff use granulated sugar. I would prefer more oil in the product as I found the product slightly uncomfortable on my skin especially on my face. I normally go for a finer scrub with particles suspended in cream or large quantities of oil (e.g. Dr Organic and Tropic Skincare). I did apply the scrub to damp skin but without oil or a cream base I found that you lose some product down the plug hole, it does not stick easily to the skin. 

I do recommend this product especially for those who fake tan and use a body scrub on a regular basis. My advice would be that sensitive skins need to be careful and perhaps Totally Oatly would be the better option. Ellie (the owner & maker of these scrubs) does have eczema so she is aware of the condition. However, I think eczema varies greatly between people and you need to use common sense as you know your skin best. I can say my skin did feel polished after use. The scrub does have some oil content so my skin was left feeling soft and not dry or tight. 

Here is a video demonstration of me using the Tropical Scrub. It is a silent movie as I was camera shy and I do think the product is self explanatory!  Big thanks to my Boyfriend who was rather bemused at my request to have him film me using this product.  However, I think he had fun editing this movie, it is all his handy work but I did stop him from applying a Dr Who soundtrack (yes he's a Sci Fi geek!)

Check out Betty Buff’s website and support a small up and coming UK business. The ingredients for the Tropical Scrub – fresh Pineapple & Coconut, Granulated Sugar, Honey, Evening Primrose Oil, Glycerine.  Be aware that because the product contains no preservatives it has a shorter shelf life.

Has anyone else tried Betty Buff? Do you like using a body scrub? Do you have any other scrub recommendations?

Sarah x

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