Review: Funky Fresh Minerals (NO LONGER TRADING)


I wanted to share with you a recent Ebay discovery. You may have seen me give this company a mention on here or on Twitter. Who am I talking about? Well that would be Funky Fresh Natural Skincare.  This is a brand free from bismuth oxychloride, talc, preservatives, fragrances and animal products. Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans.  It suits all skin types including sensitive skin, rosacea and acne prone.

A while ago I purchased a sample pack of finishing powders and I have been working my way through them. I have experimented with the powders individually or by combining two or more.  My favourites are Golden Glow and Silk Veil. Golden Glow is lovely on its own or combined with another colour. On top of my (now fading) tan I have loved the radiance it gives my skin. I really feel it boosts the colour of my tan and evens out my complexion. However, I decided to purchase a full size Silk Veil because I felt it was practical for everyday use. 

With my orders I have received free samples of foundation - Soft Glow (Fair), Almond (04) and Toffee (09).  There are a few reasons why I have never tried a mineral powder foundation.  I was not sure how much coverage they would give, how would the powder sit on my dry skin, how would I chose a suitable colour as most companies sell online.  Here is what I have discovered whilst experimenting with these samples.

I have pigmentation and eczema scaring on my chin and I always apply concealer to this area of my face. I was stunned by the coverage the mineral foundation gave me. I hardly need any concealer, just a couple of touch up dots. In fact after a few days I had the confidence not to apply concealer under the powder.  I had heard that coverage was buildable and I found this very true.  The key to applying is to buff thin layers into the skin. Hopefully you can see the effects in the pictures below. The picture on the left is my natural blemished/pigmented skin after cleansing and moisturising. The picture on the right is after applying the foundation Almond. I don’t use any fancy brushes to apply the foundation just a standard Boots/Superdrug powder brush. 

One thing I will say is for dry skin sufferers you definitely need a good skin care routine and moisturiser. It is probably stating the obvious but without a decent moisturiser the powder will emphasise dry patches. Many of you are probably keen to know how long it lasts.  I work a nine hour day and my foundation did not budge.  I felt it looked just as good in the morning as it did at home time.  I did not need to touch up during the day so I was impressed with the lasting power.  Funky Fresh do claim the products are "highly water resistant and humidity resistant".  

I know I am late to the party when it comes to mineral powder foundations. I hang my head in shame as a natural blogger that I never tried it sooner. That being said sometimes the price of larger brands has put me off. When I finish my liquid foundation I am seriously going to consider switching to this brand. If you struggle with shade matching the sample packs are an inexpensive way to experiment and find your perfect colour.

Funky Fresh Minerals currently does not appear to have a website so all sales are via Ebay (link at start of this review).  The sample pack contains 8 samples and I paid £1.99 + 89p postage.   The full size finishing powder is 10g of powder in a 30g sifter jar and I paid £7.99 + £1.69 postage.

Overall I highly recommend these mineral powders.  I had previously been repeat purchasing BM Beauty Finishing Powder (review link).  Both brands are equal in terms of price point and performance but Funky Fresh is offering variety with their finishing powders.

Sarah x