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PG Organics Natural Organic Perfume (NO LONGER TRADING)

(Gifted PR Sample)

I was contacted by PG Organics and accepted an offer to sample their natural organic perfume. In April 2011 PG Organics launched their debut fragrance Embrace. It contains 100% natural ingredients of which 97.05% are certified organic, is not tested on animals and does not contain any animal derived ingredients. 

Embrace is described as "a chypre with oriental influence underlined by subtle spices. Exotic amber and musk notes envelope and protect the delicate floral notes of neroli, mimosa, rose, ylang ylang and iris." 

I have mentioned before that I rarely wear fragrance because it irritates my skin and nose. I knew I stood a better chance of being able to wear Embrace as the ingredients are natural. I can happily report I have not experienced any problems. PG Organics did mention that they have customers who suffer from allergies, eczema and asthma. 

What I find interesting about this perfume is it works in harmony with the wearer’s own body chemistry.  It will always smell different per individual, something which I personally do not notice with main stream fragrance. Initially the scent is strong but it does settle and develop. I found it lasted about 5-6 hours on my skin. 

If you prefer a sophisticated, exotic, musky, sexy scent then I think you will like this perfume. It can be purchase direct from the website. Currently PG Organics have one fragrance but they hope to launch another for 2013.