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Review - Superdrug Intimate Care Cleansing Wipes

I wanted to link you to a previous post where I reviewed intimate wipes. In my last review I tried Faith in Nature and Natracare, two brands that are known for formulation with plant based ingredients rather than common synthetic ones. I was of course impressed by their natural ingredient policy but felt let down on performance so I was seeking another alternative. Now these days I don't frequent Boots and Superdrug very often but I was curious to see what they could offer.  This lead me to discover Superdrug's own brand intimate care feminine cleansing wipes and I have been using them ever since. Wipes of this nature can be controversial but I do find a use for them when travelling if you get caught short without toilet paper as they fit nicely into a bag or pocket. I can also use them for cleaning my menstrual cup when access to water isn't easily available (not every public loo has a sink in the cubicle). 

The Superdrug intimate wipes are free from parabens, alcohol, fragrance, biodegradable and suitable for vegetarians/vegans (Superdrug is against animal testing). I like everything about these wipes. They are a good size, super soft, have just the right amount of wetness and are neutral in fragrance. As long as you seal the packet correctly they do not dry out easily. The last packet I had was open for three months and the wipes were still usable. The convenience of being able to purchase these on the high street is a bonus save ordering online. The price point is affordable against other brands I have tried.

Sarah x