Parks London Natural Reed Diffuser

When you have allergies room fragrance is difficult to use. Everyone likes their home to smell pleasant and I am no exception to this. Aerosol sprays can make it hard to breathe and plug in and candles have potential to burn your house down (dramatic statement but I do worry about these things). I got it into my head that a reed diffuser may be the solution but could I find something natural and plant derived rather than full of synthetic ingredients? It is possible but they come with a higher price tag

TK Maxx is a great place to have a look around and come up with bargains.  I recently found a Parks London Pomegranate reed diffuser which claims natural essential oil ingredients and eco-friendly. I enjoy the aroma and do not find it over powering.  I like it so much that I went back and purchased a larger size. I've since discovered that Parks London also manufacturer candles which (according to website) are made with certified vegan ingredients, eco friendly and natural wax (they do not use petroleum or paraffin).

Do you have a favourite way to fragrance your home or maybe you have allergies so synthetic fragrances are a concern for you?  

Sarah x