Review Preserve Eco Friendly Toothbrushes

If you follow Kim from Sunny Mother Nature you may have seen her YouTube video in which she recommended a Preserve recycled plastic toothbrush.  I was intrigued and started to see if we had an equivalent company in the UK. I ended up discovering that Preserve are available here and they were under my nose the whole time.

Preserve Powered by Yogurt Cups Eco Friendly Toothbrushes

Preserve Toothbrushes are made in the USA.  The bristles are new but the handle is made from recycled yoghurt pots.  They are BPA free and recyclable when you are finished with them.  The Company offers a recycling scheme should your local service not accept the plastic. I did wondered how this would work from in the UK but I did some research and there is a scheme over here.

I want to recycle my Preserve toothbrush in the UK? - Our distribution partner in the UK accepts Preserve toothbrushes and packaging for recycling. The address is: Kinetic, PO BOX 64350, London, NW6 9NZ.

Another great fact about the toothbrush is "We consulted closely with dental professionals to create a toothbrush that gets your teeth cleaner but minimizes your impact on the environment."

It would be nice to find a UK company offering a similar toothbrush.  I say this because (and I am guessing) some may argue that the carbon footprint to import this toothbrush probably outweighs the environmental efforts of the Company.

As I mentioned at the start of this post, there are a few UK stockists that crop up in a google search.  I would love to get your comments on this topic, what do you think about recycled toothbrushes?

Sarah x