Travel: Visiting Wholefoods Market

Wow the weather this week has been amazing. I trust everyone has been slip slap slopping if unlike me you haven't been stuck in a broom cupboard. UVA & UVB protection is very important folks so be sensible. 

I have not done much shopping this week so I will share with you what I got up to after attending the Allergy & Free From Show last weekend. The BF and I took a stroll to Kensington High Street to check out Wholefoods Market. I thought it was amazing and they had a big beauty section full of brands I blog about. We stopped for a late lunch at Saf restaurant which is upstairs in the store. I had a Vietnamese Wrap and my partner picked a Saf Burger. I also had it in my head to visit Itsu as I had heard about Crispy Seaweed Thins via Twitter. They were not what I was expecting, I think I thought they would be along lines of rice crackers but instead they were simply seaweed, but still tasty. I had a retro moment and picked up a Care Bear keyring. I loved Care Bears when I was little but never had Sunshine bear. Final addiction of the week comes from M&S a rather tasty Quinoa & Edamame Soya Bean Salad with soy and ginger dressing.

Sarah x