Just Truffles (no longer trading) - an alternative recommendation for Dairy Free Truffles is Booja Booja

Just Truffles - Handmade Dairy Free & Vegan Truffles
(Update 2020 - looks like Just Truffles has ceased trading, an alternative dairy free truffle brand is Booja Booja)

You have probably heard me moan that good milk free chocolate is becoming impossible to find. Supermarket own brand dairy free chocolate tastes is sugary sweet. In theory dark chocolate should be dairy free but this is not always the case so please remember to check labels. 

In the past I have been gifted Booja Booja champagne truffles which are lovely but an expensive indulgence so I’ve been browsing the internet and I came across Just Truffles Hand Made Dairy Free & Vegan Truffles.  They also offer regular dairy (milk) chocolates and sugar free chocolates. The dairy free menu is varied with 15 different truffles available and I decided to buy a box of 6 truffles.  I went for the mainly nuts box which contains 1 of each - brazil nut, marzipan, almond, hazelnut and 2 dark chocolate. 

Just Truffles - Handmade Dairy Free & Vegan Truffles
Overall the truffles score highly in terms of presentation and quality but a couple let me down on flavour.  I enjoyed the almond and hazelnut but the others tasted like alcohol. To be honest I am still a little confused. There are alcoholic flavours on the menu but it doesn't state that the flavours in my box contained alcohol.  

Everyone’s taste buds are different so I don’t want to discourage you from trying. If you have multiple allergies then I would be cautious about ordering and check with the company regarding cross contamination. I have no information regarding their dedication to Free From manufacturing processes.

Sarah x