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Review: Kitoko Hair Treatment Oil

I have been using  Macadamia Healing Oil for a couple of years. It’s a product I re-purchase regularly as I like the results. Recently out of curiosity I volunteered to try Kitoko Hair Treatment Oil. They offer a range of hair care products which are free from parabens, sulphates, waxes and mineral oils. 

From what I can tell Kitoko Oil is offering the same benefits as similar hair oils in the market place. It is formulated from Karite and Argan oil, Vitamins A & E plus a natural UV filter. It claims to nourish, smooth and strengthen hair, reduce drying time, restore moisture and replenish brittle hair and split ends. 

I have been testing this product for a couple of weeks and I am impressed with the results. I apply a couple of drops in damp hair from middle section to end. In comparison to the Macadamia oil this one makes my hair marginally softer and the results last between washes. Prior to using this product my hair was feeling fragile from ill health, weather, colouring and heat styling. I now feel that even after a short time I have managed to improve the condition of my hair. Although the manufacturer claims “non greasy & no build up”, I do disagree. I have very fine hair and can not use this product after every wash. I do feel it builds up and can make my hair feel heavy.  I also experience this with the Macadamia Oil. 

Kitoko Hair Treatment Oil can be purchase through various websites including Amazon.

Sarah x

Disclaimer - PR Sample, prices correct at time of publication, contains ingredients some people may chose to avoid