Review Niki's Organic Balms

Niki's Organic Balms

I’ve been in contact with Niki’s Organic Balms 
on Twitter for some time now.  Niki is a lovely lady and always there to offer advice.  I have to confess in recent months my collection of balms has got a little out of control.  It’s my newest addiction since starting my blog.  A good multi purpose balm is a life saver when it comes to eczema, dry skin, sore lips, cuts, bruises and anything else you can think of using it for.

Once I found out Niki would be at the Allergy Show I made sure to stop by her stand.  We had a lovely chat about her products, she let me sample a few and  I ended up buying the Lavender & Camomile balm. Niki is an experienced homeopath and developed her balm to use on clients.  Her products are beeswax based with a blend of essential oils, free from synthetic ingredients and organic.  The range includes Original Organic Hand & Foot balm,  Original Organic Reflexology balm, Lavender & Camomile, Baby Bottom, Rose and Warming balm.  They are available in three sizes 10ml, 50g & 100g and priced to size and fragrance.

Lavender and Camomile are my favourite ingredients for sensitive skin.  I find them soothing with a relaxing fragrance. This balm has a nice texture which is smooth and soft, many of my other balms are solid. I have ended up using this as a hot cloth cleanser, a suggestion that is made in the leaflet I had picked up. It makes a lovely cleanser as it removes makeup and does not leave behind a greasy residue. My skin is left feeling soft and the fragrance is beautiful and relaxing. It feels as good as any other high end balm cleanser I have tried.

Overall, I can't find fault with this product and I highly recommend Niki’s Organic Balms.  I purchased the 10ml size and it is the prefect size for sampling or popping into handbags and pockets for travelling.