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Review Organic Surge Moisture Boost Shampoo (now known as Organic Works)

Update - Organic Surge has re-branded to Organic Works, their range is now face and body care.

I have mention many times before my love hate relationship with SLS free hair care. Shampoo has been a major stumbling block for many years. I often suffer from itching scalp. I tested SLS free shampoos about 9 years ago and I hated the ones I tried. In the end I stuck to a well known salon brand which I've been using for around five years because I was scared to switch.

I have tested two free from conditioners since I started this blog, Organic Surge &  Giovanni.  The Giovanni 50/50 quickly became a firm favourite and I have been repurchasing it ever since.  Recently I have experienced an itchy neck.  The irritation has been making me feel miserable so I took the plunge and purchased an SLS free shampoo. As I had success with the Organic Surge Moisture Boost Conditioner I decided to try the matching Shampoo.  

You have to persevere with SLS free shampoo.  It takes a number of washes before you feel the results because you need to purge your hair from synthetic ingredients.  I can honestly say I think after the fifth wash I finally thought WOW I love the results.  My hair feels clean, shiny and soft.  I have continued to use my Giovanni conditioner in conjunction with this shampoo.  

I do find I need to double wash unlike my old shampoo which means I am using up the tube quicker.  The lather that you get is by far the best I have seen for an SLS free shampoo. I know the bubbles are not important for cleaning hair but I do find I need them for guidance (if that makes sense).  It reassures you the product is being distributed evenly.

I have been using this for four weeks and the irritation I experienced prior to using this shampoo has faded away. Organic Surge products are free from parabens, SLS , artificial colourants and fragrances and against animal testing. You can purchase direct from Organic Surge website.

Sarah x