Review Sarakan Anti-Plaque Mouthwash

Mouthwash is not a particularly glamour product. Until about two years ago it was not a product I used on a regular basis. I vaguely recall bad press about mouthwash when I was a child. It was to do with alcohol content and whether mouthwash damaged teeth.

When a dentist recommended I should use a mouthwash I cringed.  Without thinking about it I tried one of the well known brands.  Aside from ingredients, the taste was disgusting, my mouth stung and the smell made me almost pass out (I have dental phobia and it reminded me of the dentist chair).  I ended up having a browse in Holland & Barrett and buying SarakanTwo years on it remains a staple part of my dental routine.

Sarakan is free from alcohol, fluoride, artificial colours, it is unsweetened and suitable for Vegans.  The British Dental Health Foundation has accredited Sarakan. It is flavoured with peppermint, clove and geranium.  I find the taste pleasant and it does not sting my mouth.  It is an anti-plaque mouthwash containing extract of Salvadora Persica which is known as the toothbrush tree. 

If you wish to cut back on certain ingredients then I would recommend this mouthwash.  I trust that it is working but obviously I can’t prove that to you.  I do notice (and this is gross) when I spit out the mouthwash there are pieces of food so I feel it is clearing out what I miss with my toothbrush. Sarakan also manufacture a toothpaste.  Both products can be purchased  online and alternatively pop along to Holland & Barrett.

Sarah x