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Sunday Catch Up (17) - Vegan Cakes & Skinny Dip Creams

This Sunday's Catch up will be short and sweet. I have had a busy weekend treating one of my closest friend because it's her birthday. It's been a lovely girlie time with pamper treatments, delicious lunch and pink fizz. I even baked a Vegan Chocolate Birthday cake. Even though she doesn't have allergies I opted for a Vegan recipe so that I could join in.

I recently ordered a Vegan Cupcake cookbook which arrived last Saturday.  It may be familiar to you as I already have the cookie version and have blogged a few cookie pictures.  It is a US cookbook so measurement are in cups (which I prefer) and some ingredients need substituting or translating to a UK equivalent.  As soon as I saw the Carrot Cupcakes I had to make them.  I adore carrot cake but have been unable to eat it for many years.  I didn't make the cream "cheese" frosting as I currently don't have a soft dairy free substitute that I enjoy.  The cakes are so moist and I love them.

I have been trying out coconut waters as and when I see them.  So far my favourite is Icoco, I thought Vita Coco did not taste pleasant.  This one I grabbed at Tesco it tastes of coconut but I think they left out the mango! I also found a rather tasty Pina Colada jelly at Marks & Spencer.

I ordered a sample hand cream from Skinny Dip. Their products are free from parabens, sls, mineral oils, artificial fragrances and not tested on animals. I ordered Viva la Diva cream it is very pleasant but I am not a fan of the fragrance so will probably not order a full size product.

I think that is all for this post.  Hope everyone is having/had a lovely weekend and I look forward to your comments.  


  1. It's not usual for a beauty blog to make my tummy rumble, but you've done it! Looks scrumptious. Gem x

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks honey, I have a very fat belly now :)

  3. The cake looks delicious! Loves the sprinkles on top for a special touch :)
    I love coconut water! The packed drinks are available easily but it can never beat straight out of the nut drink!

    1. Oh yes straight from the nut is brilliant but what a pain they are to open lol :)