Boux Avenue - a disappointing experience

You have probably read blog posts about Boux Avenue as they have just launched themselves on the British high street. It is a store I passed by and did not give a second glance because I am a girl with curves, 9/10 times shops like these do not cater for me. It was only because I was shopping with a friend that I entered the store. 

Bra shopping for the ample bosom is impossible on the high street, for me my only choice is Bravissimo, it also not local and I am bored of what is on offer. Ordering online at specialised websites is a headache. You have to contend with postal charges, couriers who do not deliver on weekends and having to order a large selection to find the correct fit but then the hassle of returning. It is a lot easier to go into a shop, try things on and be fitted professionally. 

I was pleasantly surprised that Boux Avenue nightwear goes to a size 18. Even more thrilled that the 18 is a good generous fit. I can not stand a size 18 that fits like a size 14.  I initially dismissed the bras but whilst waiting for my friend in the fitting room I asked the assistant what was the biggest size. Turns out it is 40H. Hooray I am H cup so as long as my bosom does not expand I can shop here. Downside is out of all the bras on display only four designs come in my size, yes FOUR. This is VERY frustrating. The available designs are pretty with not a hint of old lady boulder holders so I do feel feminine in the one bra I purchased. The Assistant told me to take a look online but it offers no more choice and my size is sold out in the other bra I wanted. 

Normally I do not blog about this sort of thing but I want to share my envy of ladies with smaller boobies, you get a drama free shopping experience. You know what? I enjoy my food and my boobs match my bum but why does society need to punish me right down to the underwear I can buy? Oh and before you all tell me to lose weight, my boobs have always been big regardless of my dress size. 

Boux Avenue you are missing out on a gap in the market. Stock larger sizes, offer more styles and give Bravissimo a run for their money. Big Girls are beautiful and this one wants to shop on the high street for bras.