Everyday Favourite Products featuring Antipodes, Green People, Dr Organic, Deep Steep, Giovanni

Sugarpuffish's Everyday Favourite Products
(* indicated gifted PR sample)

I thought I would write a little update on my current skin care routine. These are products that I have been using for a number of months and have repurchased.

Dr Organic Manuka Face Scrub – it takes me ages to finish a tube, but this is my 2nd purchase since reviewing

Dr Organic Manuka Face Mask – a recent purchase, I do not use face masks on a regular basis but have found myself reaching for this one. Look out for an upcoming review.

Bodhi –  I quickly fell in love with this brand and have gifted to friends, pictured here is Mint The which was a Birthday Gift, I absolutely adore this fragrance. It’s fresh and perfect for summer weather. I also think it helps unblock my stuffy nose, a symptom from hayfever.

Livpurely Coconut & Vanilla Moisturiser – this was part of a beauty swap and I adore it, the fragrance is heavenly. 

Dr Organic Pomegranate Cream – a wonderful budget moisturiser and a little goes a long way, I am still using the same jar which I reviewed in April. 

Tropic Pure Plant Vitamin Toner – a rediscovery which I am enjoying every day.

Organic Surge Mositure Boost Shampoo – I think this is now my third tube, I like how it lathers, it is affordable and does not irritate my scalp. 

Giovanni 50/50 Conditioner – this is my second bottle it takes me several months to use this product up as I need the tinest amount, a great conditioner which has yet to be beaten. 

Deep Steep Body Mist – I am still using up the same bottle that I reviewed several months back, I do not use daily as I am a bit forgetful but I love the fragrance, perfect to freshen up with.

Salcura Gentle DermaSpray – I have just repurchase my second bottle, resurrected from a drawer, I now can not be without, by far the best product for my eczema, the spray is cooling and calms itching.  A little tip for eczema sufferers is to keep creams/spray in fridge, the cooling sensation can be very nice especially if skin is hot and sticky from warm weather or irritation.

100% Organics – At the moment I try a new cleanser every month and this is the current one which I have been using every day. 

Green People Eye Cream – this is the same tube I reviewed, I often forget to apply but I do like this, lasts ages and budget friendly.

Antipodes Rejoice Day cream* – can you believe this is the same tube I reviewed back in May.  It’s like Mary Poppins handbag it never runs out. I have used this once a day since it was sent to me, defiantly great value for money.

Let me know if you have tried any of these products.  Also did you enjoy this post would you like to see them on a regular basis?

Sarah x