Food Heaven Dairy Free Cheesecake

Yesterday I purchased a lemon dairy free cheesecake at Tesco.  It received a lot of attention when I tweeted about it so I decided to write a blog post.

The company behind this dairy free cheesecake is Food Heaven (website link) in association with Swedish Glace.  It is made with a soya based non dairy soft cheese alternative. I did find the packaging a little confusing at first as I spotted the words "free from lactose" before I read "dairy free" as you know you can have one without the other.  This dessert is also free from gluten and cholesterol.  The Vegetarian Society logo is visible on the outer packaging.

My allergies were diagnosed as a child so I have not eaten cheesecake in a very long time, 25 years to be precise.  Lemon was the only flavour available but the website does list two alternative flavours - summer fruits and mango.  If I had the choice I would have opted for mango over lemon.

The 'cheese' part of the cake is soft and smooth.  It is a good dupe for the real thing.  My boyfriend who can eat regular cheesecake insists that he did enjoy eating this.  There is plenty of flavour from the lemon, a nice tang but not overpowering. For me the base is the disappointing part and I know why.  It caters to the gluten free crowd and lets face it gluten free biscuits are not the best.  It is a little soggy.  For me the base should be thick, crunchy and taste of digestive biscuits.

I can certainly see why this cheesecake was a 2012 Free From Food Award Winner.  If you see it in Tesco then give it a try.  I thought the price was reasonable considering the mark up that exists on Free From foods (£2.99 for 375g). The website lists Waitrose as a stockists and there is a dairy free Tiramisu.