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Method Bathroom Cleaner
Cleaning your home when you have allergies can often cause a headache, quite literally. I try to limit chemical based cleansers in my home but I am not perfect. Yes, there are natural ingredients which work well on grease, grime and limescale (e.g bicarb, lemon and vinegar) but sometimes I want to have a back up available from the supermarket. I can always be tempted by a promotional offer so this time I picked up the 
Method Bathroom Cleaner.

Method have a range of products for your home, hands and laundry and all made with plant based, biodegradable cleaners. The aroma of the bathroom cleaner comes from eucalyptus and mint. It is pleasant and no too overwhelming which is good because I do not struggle with my breathing when spraying this around the bathroom. This can be a common problem with other household cleaners. Unfortunately, I have to be honest and say I do feel it lets me down in performance. This makes a perfectly adequate surface cleaner but despite the manufacturer's claim I do not feel it removes greasy soap scum. The problem with using balm and oil cleanser is they have a habit of building up residue round the sink (or is that just in my sink?). I often have a nice brown tan line from foundation and I feel this Method doesn't quite cut it with removing this type of grime.

What I do like about Method is they are approved by PETA as a cruelty free and vegan company. Products contain naturally derived ingredients and are environmentally friendly. I recommend you take time reading the website to learn more about their practices. Whilst this bathroom cleaner was not up to my standards I am happy to use for other purposes around the home.

Sarah x