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Sunday Catch Up (20) - Dairy Free Treats

Feeling a little lazy today so this Sunday's post is going to be mainly pictures.  Hope you don't mind? 

New York Style Rye bread from a local farmer's market
Vegan pasty from local market
The elusive Swedish Glace Neapolitan Dairy Free Ice Cream
Stocking up on favourite USA ice teas

Bargain find cleanser in TK Maxx (£11 instead of £29)
Tyrrells English Summer BBQ crisps (rather disappointing)
Alpro Vanilla Soya Milk totally delicious
L&P at GBK my favourite drink

A new dish at Wagamama Yasai Pad-Thai - dairy free & egg free (you have to ask for it to be cooked without egg)


  1. Your blog always makes me hungry. lol. I love that Neapolitan ice cream. yummy. x

  2. That ice cream looks amazing! It can be difficult to find vegan ice cream here, and I've definitely never seen Neapolitan vegan ice cream! :)

    1. Oh wow you need to see if you can find a version in US it's the best of three worlds vanilla, strawberry & chocolate all in one tub is awesome :)