Review Tropic Pure Plant Skincare Vitamin Toner

tropic skincare
UPDATE 2021: 10 years on and Tropic Skincare has gone through several changes and now boasts a vast collection of products. My original review is outdated due to product changes but it remains on this page for reference. 
The image has been replaced to show the latest version of the products featured in this review

Tropic Pure Plant Skincare is a brand I have followed for many years. Last year facial toner was not part of my beauty routine but in recent months I can see the benefits for my skin. You will have notice I have become fickle with toners, I haven't been repurchasing the same one. After finishing up everything I already owned I decided to go back to Tropic Vitamin Toner.

Tropic Skincare has had another packaging makeover. Firstly, you'll notice the listing of ingredient under INCI and then separately in English. The toner bottle has changed to a spray top which to be honest is a bit of a love/hate for me. Spritzing my face is refreshing but I do like to saturate a cotton pad and sweep across my face. Of course you can spray a cotton pad but it’s not the same as pouring. It takes a little longer to soak the pad but I guess using less cotton pads is better for the environment (swings & roundabouts). 

The UK is finally having the heat wave we have longed for and my tip for surviving the heat is to keep toner in the fridge. Your toner will be nice and chilled and should help cool you down.

Since my last review Tropic have made slight changes to the ingredients of their toner, it now contains rose water. I know many people love the fragrance of rose but it is not one of my favourite scents so I was initially disappointed that the toner had changed. However I will say that this particular rose fragrance is light and not artificial so I tolerate it. 

Overall, despite the fragrance I still like how the toner feels on my skin. It refreshes without feeling dry or tight. The toner also helps remove the last traces of makeup after cleansing. For more information or to view other products from Tropic Skincare, please visit their website -

Sarah x