I'm a Runner Up in the Betty Hula Beauty Blogger Awards

I have some exciting news to share but you'll have figured that out from the screenshot and title haha! Late on Friday night I was catching up on Facebook and something caught my attention. I discovered I was runner up in Blogger Awards run by skincare brand Betty Hula. It was unexpected as I'd completely forgotten about my entry into the awards (it was back in June!). I can not deny it makes me feel warm and fuzzy. I would like to offer out congratulations to the Winner and fellow runners up. 

In case you were wondering the awards are judge by an Independent Judging Panel. The criteria was Judges consider four main factors to select the winning beauty blog: style of blog and writing, investigative reporting and getting to grips with the issue, interaction with followers and readers, point of difference. The awards were open to every beauty blogger, regardless of how long you've been blogging, follower numbers or popularity.

Sarah x