Review Tebe Skin Care Cleansing Milk

Tebe Skin Care - Cleansing Milk
It's not very often I buy a product that leaves me feeling a little under whelmed and sitting on the fence. I know its early days to blog about my latest TK Maxx discovery but impressions have been formed very quickly. I purchased Tebe (pronounced teh-be) cleansing milk and day cream. This brand comes from New Zealand and promises to be free from mineral oil, propylene glycol, petroleum, synthetic preservatives, parabens, sls, artificial colourings, dioxane, ethoxylated surfactants. Products are not tested on animals and packaging is recyclable. It does contain alcohol and phenoxyethanol. The range is based around Olive Oil from the Simunovich Oil Estate.

I have yet to try the day cream but got stuck into the cleansing milk the same day I bought it. It reminds me of Natural Being in terms of consistency, perhaps marginally thicker. This removes make up easily and leaves skin feeling soft never tight and I certainly have not notice irritation.  So what's wrong you ask? Well, it's the fragrance that bugs me. To me there is an artificial perfume scent and I can not get past it. The ingredients list parfum and the leaflet within packaging states “pleasantly scented using hypoallergenic fragrances”.  I think I am so used to natural floral or no fragrance that this has come as a bit of a shock on the senses.  It certainly does not linger as you wipe away this cleanser but I do not find application enjoyable. Perhaps I am overly sensitive but I found myself reaching for my Balm Balm cleanser instead of Tebe. 

I am not sure whether to advise you to go buy this or not. The day cream does have the same fragrance. I've spotted the Tebe range in several TK Maxx stores. It’s a bargain price, I paid £6.99 for the cleanser and £6.99 for the day cream. If you do try this out I would love to know what you think. 

Sarah x

Disclaimer - Price correct at time of publication


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