Recipe Dairy and Egg Free Cheesecake (Vegan)

Dairy & Egg Free Cheesecake
I have fond memories of cheesecake despite it being 20+ years since I took my last bite. It's probably only been within the past 5 to 10 years that dairy free cheese alternatives have become available to buy. It is certainly an up and coming part of the free from market. Now please don't bother to tell me dairy free cheese is disgusting because I am getting tired of hearing it. Yes there are brands that I dislike (Vegusto & Tesco & the latter was giving me stomach ache) but there are others I am fond of Cheezly, Tofutti and Sheese. I shed a tear the first time I was able to have cheese on toast that is how important these alternatives are to people like me.

In recent months I've become more aware of dairy free cheesecake alternatives. I've tried Inspiral and Food Heaven which were pleasant but the gluten free base was a let down with the latter. I have a collection of recipes off the internet but am slightly reluctant to experiment for fear of disappointment.  It seems Original Tofutti is the cheese substitute favoured in most recipes. 

At the weekend I had great plans to whip up a treat but was feeling under the weather. Also I needed to go into town to get some Tofutti and frankly after several hours in Tesco, tearing my hair out as usual, I could not be bothered to make the effort. It just so happened I had bookmarked the recipe Peanut Butter & Chocolate Cheesecake - No Bake & Vegan and most of the ingredients were in my cupboard. Technically this is not a true cheesecake as there is no cheese involved. I set about experimenting and this is what I came up with.  Clearly I will not be winning points on Master Chef for my presentation skills. 
Dairy & Egg Free Cheesecake
The first thing I changed was the base.  The crust in the recipe sounds lovely but I cheated and crushed up digestives biscuits.  The topping was almost a disaster, I only have a hand held blender and I almost killed it.  I recommend mixing in a professional blender or putting in some elbow grease with a wooden spoon. I did substitute honey instead of maple syrup and caster sugar instead of stevia. The original recipe suggests setting the topping overnight in the freezer but I didn't bother.  I simply assembled the puds in ramekins and popped into the fridge. 
Tesco does not sell the bars of Kinnerton dairy free chocolate (Sainsbury's does) so I had to rummage in the "normal" chocolate aisle.  Not as easy as it sounds, many dark chocolates will contain milk. I discovered Castle Chocolates and was very pleased at how lovely it tastes, not too bitter.

What I like about the recipe is it is for one serving. I managed to get two ramekin size portions from the mixture. As lovely as it would be to make a regular sized cheesecake I am the only one eating it. How does it taste? It's not bad, I did get a hint of avocado but the chocolate and peanut butter add sweetness.  It did remind me of a peanut butter cupI think there is room for improvement and it is not something I would make on a regular basis but it was fun to experiment. 

Sarah x


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