Review - Eat Natural Bars

Review: Eat Natural Bars
(gifted PR samples)

UPDATED 2020 - Simply Vegan peanuts coconut and chocolate bar is now available.

I enjoy Eat Natural bars and I have been a fan for a long time. I always have cereal bars in the cupboard. They come in handy for taking out with me. I have them on standby for occasions when my allergies get in the way of enjoying a snack. I regularly buy a box of snack bars in dark 70% chocolate, brazils & apricots. 

The other week I tweeted that I was eating a bar and the company got in touch.  I knew there was a wide variety of flavours but I only ever see the ones coated in yoghurt and milk chocolate. Eat Natural told me 5 varieties are milk free and offered to send me some.  That was an offer I could not refuse.

Review: Eat Natural Bars
My box of treats arrived with the following varieties -

100% Organic Brazils, Hazelnuts & Sultanas
Brazils, Sultanas, Almonds, Peanut & Hazelnuts
Peanuts, Almonds & Hazelnuts
Dates, Walnuts & Pumpkin Seeds
Hazelnuts, Apricots & Vanilla

I am still working my way through them and I love the variety, in fact I am a bit of a nut addict. They are all tasty but of course there are some bars that stand out more than others. I love dates so the sweet hit is delicious and one I would naturally gravitate towards. Some bars are not as chewy as others, particularly the peanut, almond & hazelnut.

I really can't find fault and highly recommend them all. You do need to check individual flavours to make sure they are suitable for you.  None of the bars are suitable for Vegans as they contain honey but I can recommend Nakd bars as an alternative.

Sarah x