Tips for Holidays: My Favourite Travel Accessories

My favourite travel accessories
I'm someone who enjoys travelling but for some people the task of packing can often be daunting. Over the years I've pick up a few tips and tricks that make holiday planning a little easier. There's the obvious suggestions like roll your clothes for more space in a suitcase, shower caps are useful for covering soles of dirty shoes, take spare plastic or canvas bags for shopping/dirty laundry, carry a re-usable water bottle to refill in the airport and ziplock bags are a lifesaver for all sorts of occasions. I'm addicted to travel accessories and find them very useful. My collection is forever expanding so let me talk you through the items pictured above.

Onya Backpack - this green pouch contains a foldaway bag which I carry around day to day just in case I do some shopping or I need extra luggage space on the way home. Sadly Onya has closed down but I'm sure you can find something similar in a travel store.

Re-purpose an item - the purple checked item (underneath the Onya Bag) is a canvas pencil case which I got at Marks & Spencer a long time ago. I always end up using it for cosmetics or gadget accessories. It fits the width of my carry on bag so I can always squeeze it into my case. 

Coco Rose - these are foldable ballet pumps which I've had for a very long time and always find them useful on airplanes or in hotels as a pair of "slippers". They aren't really designed for distance walking but work well for slipping on if you have to pop to reception or the breakfast bar. 

Toothbrush Cover - no one likes a fluffy toothbrush because its been rolling around in a bag so these pink plastic protectors simply clip over the bristles. These are readily available at stores such as Boots and Superdrug.

Mini/Sample Size Skincare - if you're only away for a weekend or travelling with cabin allowance then travel sized skincare is the perfect solution. It saves you having to decant your products. Save up samples you receive with orders or simply buy what you need as many brands offer smaller sized products.

Empty bottles - if you'd rather save your money then empty your favourite products into smaller bottles. If you are worried about leaks I suggesting using selloptape on the lids or wrap cling film over the opening and screw the lid on top.

Hand & Face Wipes - currently I have RMS makeup wipes to hand which I love for quick cleansing as they are just one ingredient and eco-friendly. I also carry a pack of Sainsbury's Little Ones Hand & Face Wipes in my handbag because they are useful for sticky fingers and mucky faces. I'm always the person who makes a mess when eating lunch or has a fizzy drink explode on me!

Travel makeup brushes - the copper cylinder next to the empty bottle is a retractable makeup brush from Eco Tools. It goes everywhere with me and I love it because its compact and the lid not only protect the bristles but also my clothes/bags from makeup. Eco Tools also sell collections of brushes with travel cases. 

Sarah x


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