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What I eat: Picked Onion Pom Bear and Dairy Free Ice Cream

My Boyfriend discovered Pickled Onion Pom-Bears, a Halloween Special Edition and dairy free.  If you follow me on Twitter you will know this has been the highlight of my week.  They have a mild onion flavour and I assume that's because they are aimed at children but I still have enjoyed eating them.  It's a welcome change because flavoured crisps nine times out of ten will contain milk.

Tesco Meat Free Caribbean Sweet Potato Roasts sounded so promising. Dairy and egg free but they do contain gluten and wheat. These were overly spicy for my taste buds. I don't mind a hint of chilli but this was just overboard. It's a common problem with veggie food. I will never understand why manufacturers feel the need to over season. 

Dairy free advent calender's were on the shelves at Sainsbury's. This is the Choices calendar is dairy, egg, wheat and gluten free, suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans. 

I'm addicted to Rubicon Pomegranate. I usually try my best to avoid fizzy drinks but I can't resist the occasional can of pop. I buy this at Tesco in the World Food aisles. Next is an intriguing product, Mizzumint chocolate mint infused water. I picked it up whilst shopping at Holland & Barratt. I was feeling a little thirsty and adventurous so it ended up in my basket. It does taste of mint chocolate and it is not unpleasant.

Hooray for Bessant & Drury Dairy Free Ice Cream launching all three flavours into Waitrose. It's currently on special offer for £3.69.  I am so happy about this as I prefer the Lemon and Tesco is only stocking chocolate. Finally, I am preparing for my trip to Rome so have purchased the Lonely Planet guide.  I backpacked for a few years after university and always favoured these guide books. The main issue on my mind for the trip is food. Italian cuisine has a tendency to be cheese filled and fresh pasta is made with eggs.  However, Google is my friend this weekend and I have learnt that I should not starve. Apparently pizza without cheese is more common than you think. I've printed off a list of Vegetarian/Vegan restaurants and marked on the map the best dairy free Gelato in town so I am feeling confident.  I have always been determined not to let my allergies ever stop me from seeing the World.

Sarah x