Surviving the Cold Season

I think the whole of my Twitter timeline including me caught a cold last week. I thought I might share some tips on how I manage the germs as I rarely reach for Lemsip or Beecham.  In recent years off the shelf cold remedies have been making me feel a little fuzzy headed and I can't deal with that and going to work.

Sore Rudolph noses are best treated with a natural balm like Balmology.  Don't get out the Vaseline for reasons which I explain in another blog post. If you have to go to work and feel a plonker with a shiny nose I find applying a generous layer of balm overnight will often see me through to the next day and repairs damage from day before. Often breathing through your mouth dries out lips so have a natural lip salve to hand. My current favourites are Crazy Rumors Amaretto and Badger Balm Madagascar Vanilla. I do not purchase Balsam Tissues because I tried them once and ended up with my face covered in eczema. I very rarely have eczema on my face and I certainly didn't have any prior to using the tissues.

If I have a sore throat I've abandoned the Strepsils in favour of Ricola. These are Swiss Herb Drops that come in a variety of flavours.  They are suitable for vegetarians and do not contain artificial colours or flavours. You can find them in Supermarkets (in the same place as Strepsils) or at Holland & Barrett. Alternatively, a spoonful of honey will help coat a the throat and may ease symptoms.

Usually at the first sign of illness I start taking Echinacea.  It might not cure you but I am convinced it lessens the severity of my cold.  Studies into Echinacea have not drawn any firm conclusions about its effectiveness so  I guess it's a personal choice to take it. Echinacea is easy to find at Boots, Supermarkets and Holland & Barrett.

Stuffy noses can often be eased with Eucalyptus oil. You can add a few drops to a bowl of warm water, cover head with a towel over the bowl and take deep breaths or add drops to a tissue.  Most shops have Aromatherapy sections where you will find essential oils.  I also recommend Olbas Oil it's a family favourite and my Mum always used this on us when we were little.  I have also found aromatherapy benefits with my Mint Thé Refreshing Bath & Shower Therapy.  The peppermint helps open up a blocked nose whilst showering.

I see no reason to subject yourself to the vial taste of Lemsip.  Aside from the paracetamol I do not feel they offer any more benefit than having a hot drink. The key to any illness is taking in plenty of fluids.  It helps soothe a dry throat, replenish body fluids and flush out germs.  Taking paracetamol and having warm drinks in my opinion does the same job.

Remember to be a polite sick person.  Cover your mouth when you sneeze and cough.  Wash your hands regularly and throw away your snotty tissues into a bin. Please feel free to share any natural remedy tips of your own in the comment section below. 

Sarah x

Disclaimer - this post is not intended to replace medical advice, read medication labels carefully for guidance on correct doseage & allergy advice, *GWP from O.N.G