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Review: HNZ Blemish Cream UMF 16+ Manuka

HNZ Blemish Cream UMF 16+ Manuka
Cast your mind back to my blog post about Tesco Beauty Hall. I mentioned the brand HNZ (Honey New Zealand). I did pick up the blemish cream and have put it to the test. I was very fortunate as a teenager not to suffer with many spots. When I did have them I would treat with witch hazel or Australian tea tree. Over the years I find these ingredients felt a little harsh for my sensitive and dry face. I was recommended manuka and found that it is better suited to my skin type. In case you are wondering Leptospermum Scoparium (Manuka) is New Zealand's native tea tree. 

HNZ promises that products do not contain harsh preservatives, parabens or sls and not tested on animals. The blemish cream contains UMF 16+ Manuka, Propolis, Vitamin E and Witch Hazel. It can be used to treat spots, blemishes, hives, allergies and acne.
Now I know many of you have problematic skin and I am not sure if this product would solve those problems. In my case I have one or two angry pimples which are a delightful side effect of ongoing medical issues which I won't bore you with. I am pretty sure the HNZ cream is helping with inflammation and keeping germs at bay. In the past I have used roller-ball oil based spot treatments in particular Alva Rhassoul Pimple Stick. This worked very well but I find these type of formulations can be problematic when applying makeup. They tend to sit on the skin for a length of time not ideal for when you are in a hurry but certainly not a concern overnight. What I like about the HNZ cream is the skin absorbs it quickly. It does not make spots disappear overnight but I feel it can help in conjunction with other elements of my skin care routine. You need to use the cream regularly and I apply twice a day with my morning and evening routine.

This product is multi purpose and anti bacterial so it could be handy to have in your medicine cabinet for bumps and scrapes. On a side note I learnt something new the other day. This product does contain Manuka honey so it is not suitable for Vegans. However if you find a product containing Manuka essential oil that would be suitable as it is made from the leaves and petals. 

Sarah x


  1. This sounds really good and for a good price. Will definitely look more into it. :) x

    1. Yes agree price is good, I think you can't go wrong & it's a good way to keep bacteria away if nothing else :)

  2. hello dear :) i just discovered you when i was looking into antipodes reviews hihi
    i must admit im crazy about this brand and its my HG when its about organic skin care :)
    i also have a blog and i hope you come to visit me ^^
    Im following you with a lot of pleasure

    sending hugs from Italy

    1. Thank you for following my blog. I do hope you enjoy reading. So far the couple of products I have tried from Antipodes have impressed me and become firm favourites :)

  3. I have never heard of HNZ but this sounds like a fantastic product. I will check this one out as I have a bit of a break out at the moment to sort out :)

    1. Let me know how you get on if you do buy it :)