Review Nourish London Relax Softening Cleanser

Nourish Relax Softening Cleanser
I discovered Nourish London Skincare a few months ago and jotted them down on my shopping list. I'd also seen reviews from people with blemish and acne prone skin highly recommend products. When my Sophyto Purifying Silken Cleanser came to an end I decided to take the plunge and Nourish Relax Softening Cleanser went into my basket. 

The Nourish range covers four skin types - Protect for dry skin, Relax for sensitive skin, Balance for combination skin and Radiance for normal skin. Each category consists of a cleanser, toner and moisturiser. All products are Organic, certified Vegan, Alcohol free and Cruelty Free and formulated with natural ingredients.

I chose the Nourish Relax Softening cleanser because I'm a fan of lavender and  believe it can be a useful ingredient for people with sensitive skin. I incorporate lavender into my routine by adding drops of essential oil to water before cleansing, allowing my face cloth to soak up the fragrance for relaxation. 

I have been using the Nourish Relax cleanser morning and evening since the start of November. It's is a very simple and easy to use product. The instructions suggest applying with a cotton pad, sweep over face and rinsing off.  My preferred method has been wiping off with a damp muslin cloth, works equally well and is environmentally friendly as you save on cotton pads. It has a milky consistency and I generally prefer a rich cream cleanser. 

I commend Nourish for being up front about their ingredients and including full listings on their website. I've been satisfied with the overall results of using the Relax cleanser. It never feels stripping or drying and removes makeup reasonably well. If you love lavender then I am sure you will enjoy using the Nourish Relax Softening Cleanser.