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Review: Nourish Relax Softening Cleanser

Nourish Relax Softening Cleanser
I have had my eye on Nourish Skincare for few months. I think I discovered them via Twitter and have been watching their popularity grow. A couple of bloggers with blemish/acne skin types have highly recommended this budget friendly and natural brand. I finally finished up the Sophyto cleanser, was browsing Feelunique and added a Nourish cleanser to my basket. The Nourish range covers four skin types - Protect for dry skin, Relax for sensitive skin, Balance for combination skin and Radiance for normal skin.  The products available in each range are cleanser, toner, moisturiser and serum. 

I chose the Relax Softening cleanser and its main ingredient is Lavender which is known for calming the skin.  I am fan of lavender  as I truly believe it helps with my sensitivities. I always incorporate it into my routine and I believe I have benefited from that over the years.  I love to add drops of lavender to my wash basin and soak my muslin cloths before cleansing. 

I know lavender is a love or hate it fragrance and this cleanser is very heavily scented with essential oil. I think it’s fair to say you really have to love lavender to use this product. I have been using this every day morning and evening since the start of November. This is a very simple and easy to use product. The instructions are apply to a cotton pad, sweep over face and rinse off.  My method has been wiping off with a damp muslin cloth, works equally well and is environmentally friendly as you save on cotton pads. 

The downside for me is I wish it had a thicker texture.  I prefer to use a rich cream cleanser and I would say this is a milky consistency. If you shake the bottle you can hear the liquid move. I also do not feel like I am getting a deep down clean and this only touches the surface although saying that it does remove foundation. I feel like I have to use a large amount so am not finding it economical.

Nourish are up front about their ingredients and a full listing is available on the website.  Fantastic for making sure there are no hidden allergens. Products are also suitable for Vegans. Whilst I have enjoyed using the product I would not purchase again.  However, that does not stop me from recommending to sensitive skin types, as long as essential oils are okay for you. 

Sarah x