October Empties: Bodhi, Antipodes, Balm Balm, Sophyto

Sugarpuffish What's in my bin? - October 2012 Empties
I never get around to writing these sort of posts because I don't get through my products on a monthly basis. This stash you see before you I have been collecting for a couple of months. These are now empty and headed for the recycle bin.

Bodhi Mint Thé - I was given this for my birthday back in the summer. I love Bodhi products they smell amazing and this is my favourite. I will repurchase but I may hold out to see if I get any more for Christmas. 

NovExpert Essential cream - I was very disappointed when this ran out. It was a TK Maxx bargain but I can't get hold of it again. I have since replaced it with Dr Organic Pomegranate cream which is another firm favourite. 

terre d'Oc gentle face scrub - I have enjoyed using this but I would not repurchase as I prefer other scrubs. It was a pleasure to use and certainly very gentle on the skin. 

Antipodes Resurrect Facial Toner - After months of switching around my toner I have finally found my holy grail. I love, love, love this toner and have already repurchased a new bottle. 

Balm Balm Coconut Cleanser - this is a firm favourite and a good staple in the cupboard for when my skin is feeling extra sensitive. I will repurchase at some point but am currently trialling a new cleanser. 

Sophyto Silken Cleanser - another product I have enjoyed using. I reviewed this the other day. I actually got wrong my estimate how much was remaining in the tube because it ran out the next day. 

Sarah x