Four favourite vegan and dairy free cheeses featuring Applewood, Bute Island, Nush and Violife

Applewood vegan cheese
Updated 2020

Vegan and dairy free 'cheese' has come a long way in recent years. It used to only be available in speciality health stores but now it's readily available in the supermarkets. There have been many new launches and I thought I share my personal favourites. Of course everyone's taste buds are different so I recommend shopping around and taste testing as many as you can.

Applewood Vegan - if you miss smoked cheese then this is the one for you, available in block or slices, it also melts like a dream, perfect for toasties 

Bute Island Sheese - available in block and spreadable, this is a brand that has stood the test of time, they now make own brand products for the supermarkets, my personal favourite is Creamy Sheese Garlic and Herb
Nush dairy free almond milk cheese
Nush Foods - Natural Almond Cheese Spread which is thick and creamy, perfect for crackers and bagels, plain (natural) is my favourite but also available in sweet chilli and chive flavours.

Violife - available in block, slices and grated forms, it's the Epic Mature which I enjoy the most for it's punchy flavour. I'll also eat the Original and Creamy versions.

Sarah x