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Sugarpuffish's Stocking Fillers for under £5

This gift guide was inspired by Alice (Bright Town Girl). We agreed that Stocking Fillers should be under £10 in fact I personally have a £5 rule. Check out these little beauties....

Weleda Mini Crackers £4.95 (inspired by Caitie)

Australian Native Botanicals 50ml hand creams, body creams & haircare £3 each at M&S. Also have a look at Tara Smith 100ml bottles of shampoo or conditioner £5 each. Don't forget the Apivita face masks everyone is talking about 2 x 8ml sachets £3

Badger Balms £3.99 for 21g size (these are widely available online)

Doy Bags mini bag £4.99 also check out the accessories section for more gifts under £5

Baggee handy plastic bag holding keyring £4.99

Union Jack Heart  travel nail care kit for hands & feet £3.95

Wrap-N-Mat the perfect alternative to sandwich bag, foil or clingfilm £5

Fridge Monkey £3.99 I brought these for my family a few years ago and everyone loved them. I ended up buying one for myself.

Mohdoh slightly breaks the budget at £5.10. It's an aromatherapy dough which makes an unusual stocking filler. 

Coconut oil is the must have beauty item. I love how it whisks you away to a tropical island. You can buy akamuti coconut oil from ichoosewhatiuse.co.uk 50g size is £3.95

If you are looking for main gift ideas then click HERE