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Dairy Free Valentine’s Day Treats

Dairy Free Valentine's Day Treats
Emma runs the website lovelactosefreelife.co.uk but she is also an allergy/intolerance blogger. I asked Emma if she would like to guest post about her website because let's face it being dairy or lactose free kind of sucks big time on Valentines Day. Emma's website can change that for you so get hinting to your loved ones or treat yourself. 

Valentine’s Day 
Just got a little sweeter!

Just because you have food allergies or intolerances shouldn't mean you have to go without. Love Lactose Free Life was created because I refuse to miss out on yummy treats when other people can eat them! Valentine’s Day is no different. We have several fabulous products to tantalise you!

1. Inspiral Raw Artisan Chocolates Decorated with Home Dried Raspberry Shards and Infused with Rose Otto Oil
These delicately flavoured, handmade, raw chocolates encompass delicious flavours with nutritionally beneficial ingredients giving you a luxurious treat that is also good for your health

2. Giant Jar of Montezuma’s Giant Dark Buttons and Humdinger White Buttons

An almost never ending supply of buttons big enough for sharing with your favourite person this Valentines in a fantastic reusable glass kilner jar
3. Mini Jar of Montezuma’s Giant Dark Buttons
The cutest little kilner jar filled to the brim with buttons, perfectly formed present for your prefect person

4. Hot Chocolate Gift Basket with Princess Marshmallows, Clipper Hot Chocolate and Montezuma’s Mini Bars
A collection of fantastic ingredients needed to make the perfect hot chocolate, just add your favourite “milk”


  1. Thank you very much, we love Valentine's Day - any excuse for some chocolate ;)

    1. You're welcome, it's lovely to be able to share some allergy friendly treats with my readers :)

  2. They do contain soya lecithin I'm afrid, if you look on the website we have a list of ingredients on the bottom right of the home page for all our stock, Mulu is soya free aswell as dairy free and gluten free :0)

  3. It is so good that there is websites like this so you can eat the things you couldn't normally. x