Review: DGJ Organics Berutti Oil

DGJ Organics Berutti Oil
I mentioned elsewhere that I've been experimenting with the backward hair wash method which is featured in the book "No More Dirty Looks".  Trialling this new technique coincided with volunteering to review DGJ Organic Berutti Oil. I have been using this oil to help with tangles and improve the condition. If you have been following my blog for a while you will remember I have reviewed a DGJ Organics HairJuice Honeydewmelon Shampoo.

As much as I love the treatment oil from Macadamia it is not the cleanest when it comes to ingredients. Most of the popular brands will contain less desirable synthetics like silicones. I believe silicone is the ingredient that contributes to that greasy feeling. It coats the hair and nothing else can penetrate the hair shaft, simply masking dryness but not repairing. 

You will notice that this product also contains Argan oil and like it's competitors is promising to tame frizz and condition dry ends. I am finding this comparable with Macadamia oil. One pump is sufficient for my hair length and it does not feel weighed down or greasy. I'm left with hair that feels soft and manageable. I am certainly enjoying using this hair oil. Whilst I have been testing this I have not been using my heat defence spray from Giovanni. What I also like is DGJ Organics is affordable prices (£7.99 for Berutti Oil) and products are available online or at Waitrose.

I can definitely see myself buying this product in the future.  Have you tried DGJ Organics? 

Sarah x

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