New Year, New Foundation - Everyday Minerals

Everyday Minerals Powder Foundation
I have been reading "No More Dirty Looks" and it got me think that I slightly fell off my natural beauty wagon during 2012. The hard part about going natural is knowing your ingredients. Parabens, Petroleum and SLS/SLES are common knowledge but what about the likes of Phenoxyethanol, Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate and sodium hydroxymethylglycinate. These are ingredients which I am spotting in my Free From products. 

Where am I going with all this? Well, I am overhauling my skincare products. First on the list is ditching my high street foundations. They have gone in the bin as I broke out with eczema on my face. It’s only a small patch and probably not noticeable to most but blooming annoying to me. Now that Boots has discontinued my No 7 foundation there is no longer an excuse to buy this crap any more. 
I am sure I have mentioned it elsewhere on my blog but when shopping for mineral foundations the advice is to avoid bismuth oxychloride. It is non toxic but it can cause irritation and dry skin. 

I am currently using Green People foundation which I reviewed but I am still not happy about it containing talc. I decided to look for something different. I already experimented with Funky Fresh, Karma Naturals, BM Beauty, Lily Lolo and Elemental Beauty but wanted to keep looking at the market. Everyday Minerals is often talked about by bloggers across the pond. I was slightly overwhelmed by the colour choices so opted to buy some samples. My advice is study the information available on the Everyday Minerals website before making a purchase, you will find instructions regarding colours for specific skin tones.

Yesterday I tried the Jojoba Base in Nude. I like the coverage and feels silky on skin but the colour is not correct for me. My boyfriend said I looked like I was wearing more make up than usual. I took that to mean the coverage was heavier than I usually wear. My foundations are normally very light plus I think the colour was not helping matters. I have yet to try the two other samples. I ordered semi matte base in Fair Medium and Fairly Light. My suspicion is my colour choices may be a little off the mark. Once I get the correct colour I do intend to buy the full size.

Samples are inexpensive and the best way to trial products. Have you tried Everyday Minerals? Any suggestions which colour may suit a light complexion with red undertones?

Sarah x