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What's in my bin? - December Empties

It’s that time again for me to blog my trash. Pictured above are my empty bottles from December.

Organic Surge Sugared Almond Shower Gel - I’ve enjoyed using this shower gel, it doesn’t dry out my skin, has a delicate scent and not too expensive. I will probably repurchase at some point once I get through the stash Santa gave me.

Jane Maddern Hand Wash - this is a nice hand wash, with a pleasant scent and non drying. 

Sophyto Tocotrienol Super Skin Concentrate - this was a sample bottle that I have finally used up. A little goes a long way. It’s a nice product but the price puts me off repurchasing however, I do recommend if you can afford it.

Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment – I have been using this product for years but never blogged about it. I only ever buy the small bottle as I use it occasionally and have short hair so it lasts for months. *this is not a 100% natural brand & not tested on animals.

Balmology Comfort Balm - it’s taken 12 months to use this up as I need very little plus I tested other balms in between but I always come back to this. It’s perfect for my eczema and I highly recommend. I have already started my second jar of this balm.

Nourish Cleanser - A nice product but not suited to me so I would not repurchase.

Aloe Dent Whitening Toothpaste – This was a GWP sample. I was pleasantly surprised I haven’t switched to a free from toothpaste so this was my first experience. It has a nice minty taste and I would consider buying the full size.

Unique Nature Shampoo - a nice shampoo that I picked up at TK Maxx. Worth a try if you can track it down.

Sarakan Mouthwash - I have been buying this mouthwash for a year may be longer. It’s a firm favourite for me and I will continue to repurchase.

Naturtint - not pictured here as I forgot but I am still colouring my hair every 6 to 8 weeks. I am trying to go longer between applications to limit my chemical exposure (don't tell me to switch to semi permanent colours as they don't cover my greys).I have found natural shampoos are helping to keep my colour for a little longer. 

Sarah x