Review Zing Organics Cinnamon Bark & Austrian Pine Candle

Zing Organics Cinnamon Bark & Austrian Pine Candle
(Gifted PR)

When you think of popular candles the one brand that springs to mind is Yankee Candles. In my world those things are pleasant due to undesirable ingredients which is why they generate soot on the glass jar and walls. Let me introduce you to Zing Organics who specialise in making eco and organic candles. Their candles are free from synthetic waxes, artificial scents or toxic ingredients. Zing kindly sent me a candle in Cinnamon Bark & Austrian Pine from the ‘Nude’ collection. 

The candle packaging is eco friendly and has a luxurious feel. As the wax is made from sustainable rapeseed it burns clean with no soot around the glass. I love the fragrance. Cinnamon is a firm favourite for me and the pine gives it a hint of freshness. If you don’t like sugary, cookie scents associated with Yankee Candles, you may favour this. When the candle is burning the scent is light, giving wafts of cinnamon but not overpowering. 

I recommend that people consider switching to a "healthier" candle and Zing Organics is a good place to start. Other scent are available - Fennel & Silver Fir, Neroli & Lime and Ylang Ylang & Eucalyptus. Have you tried Zing Organics? Do you have a favourite eco-friendly candle? What scents do you enjoy in your home?

Sarah x