Review Dr Bronner’s Magic Organic Lavender Shaving Gel

Dr Bronner’s Magic Organic Lavender Shaving Gel
I was given the opportunity to select a product from Big Green Smile to review. It’s a website that I have not used myself but I am aware that it exists. The site stocks a wide variety of natural products ranging from personal care to household cleaners. Something which I can not recall seeing on other sites is the ability to search by Certifications such as Allergy UK Seal of Approval, Fairtrade and Vegan Society Approved. I chose to review Dr Bronner’s Organic Lavender Shaving Gel. I picked this because I love Dr Bronner’s products and have used them for many years. I cannot be without the liquid soaps. For anyone not familiar with the brand, products are completely free from synthetic ingredients, fair trade and certified organic. 

I have found that the gel needs to be worked into damp skin in order to create a nice creamy lather. It does require a bit of effort to create a good creamy layer. I do think it works better for me than the Bulldog Shaving Cream I reviewed last year. The scent is subtle lavender nothing offensive or overpowering but none the less soothing as you’d expect. I asked my boyfriend to help test the shaving gel since it is unisex. He doesn’t use natural products so he commented to the lack of lather. As we know that is due to Dr Bronner’s not containing sulphates. I had to encourage him to experiment with the amount of gel he was using. His first attempt resulted in a rather sore looking face which I think could be a direct result of not using the correct quantity. He tells me the next time he used more gel and the results were better. This was also visible to me. 

I like the shaving gel for my legs as I haven’t suffered any irritation. I do think it leaves my skin in a nice condition and I’m not noticing immediate dryness (I do always finish with a body lotion). As for the boyfriend, his face feels nice and smooth but he hesitates about making this a permanent part of his shaving routine. I on the other hand would happily swap with my other shaving gels. 

If lavender is not your favourite scent then the shaving gel is also available in lemongrass lime, spearmint peppermint, tea tree and unscented. 

Sarah x

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