Review Jason Frosted Plum Body Wash

Jason Frosted Plum Body Wash

It's probably a little unfair of me to review this body wash as it was limited edition and no longer available. However, I thought it would be a good opportunity to introduce you to the brand JASON. It is the first product I have tried and I am very impressed.

JASON is an affordable (under £10) natural brand with a range of products that cover from head to toe. Products are easy to get hold of online and I have spotted them in local independent health stores. In terms of ingredients they are pretty good and have eliminated the well known chemical nasties. The only criticism the brand appears to receive is from the use of parfum. I follow Rebecca of Biteable Beauty and I remember she wrote about this topic last year. Rebecca overseas JASON's marketing/PR and in her post about the JASON Apricot Scrubble she explains

"One ingredient listed on the pack is “Parfum (Fragrance)” which can often mask a whole host of undesirable ingredients, including phthalates, but JASON state that “generally our [fragrances] are proprietary blends of natural essential oils. Occasionally we employ some synthetic ingredients but none of our fragrances contain toxic preservatives, phthalates or animal byproducts”. In other words, the Fragrances are deemed “safe”."

All of JASON products are certified Vegetarian and they use no animal by-products. Packaging is also bio-degradable and recyclable. As for my Frosted Plum body wash, it smells lovely and I will be very sad when I get to the bottom of the bottle. I shall be looking to try more products in the future. 

Sarah x