What I eat: Chocolate, Chinese and Cupcakes

Sunday Catch Up - Chocolate, Chinese & Cupcakes
Here are some free from treats I have purchased, starting from the top row, left to right

Vegan Double Chocolate Cupcakes which I made for Alice's birthday

Personalised Valentine's Chocolates (not dairy free) for my Boyfriend from cocoapod.co.uk

I always find Sainsbury's offer a nice range of dairy free Easter eggs. This year I treated myself to Choices White Choc Dairy Free Easter Egg

I really enjoyed the Vive Soy Cappuccino drink so picked up the Vanilla and Chocolate versions. Unfortunately, these are very sweet and that's coming from someone who has a sweet tooth. I prefer the Alpro equivalents.

I brought some dairy free treats. I haven't enjoyed the flavour of the Silk Mulu Raw Chocolate but really liked the Montezuma's Moondance Truffles. 

M&S currently has a meal deal on their takeaway ready meals. Normally I can't find anything suitable for me but I scored with Oriental Vegetables in Black Bean Sauce. Very enjoyable and I would buy again. I have one complaint about M&S Vegetable Spring Rolls as they contain milk. I find this very unusual, it is not a dish I normally struggle to eat.

You may recognise the RW Garcia Dippers from another post. However, my Tesco is now stocking Curry & Mango flavour so that makes 3 varieties to choose from.


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