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YouTube: About Me

This is the video I probably should have started with. Most of you know about my eczema and allergies from following my blog but I thought I would post a video to YouTube for the benefit of new followers.

I basically ramble on about how I had severe eczema as a child which lead to a diagnosis of multiple allergies. I then talk about later in life having bad skin again which made me look at the ingredients in skincare. I mention that ideally I try to follow a 100% natural routine or at least avoid certain ingredients which I think trigger my eczema. I normally refer to this as "free from" skincare. As a general rule of thumb I look to avoid SLS/SLES (Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulphate), mineral oil/petroleum, lanolin, urea, artificial fragrance and parabens. I mention in the video  I had a blog post listing all my allergies, click here to read it.

Hope you enjoy watching and it's not too boring. I had so much to say but was worried about taking up too much of your time :)

Sarah x