Review Blue Labelle Mini Cleanse and Nourish Kit

Blue Labelle Mini Cleanse and Nourish Kit
I found Blue Labelle on Twitter and I decided to buy some products because they are handmade in the Isle of Wight, 100% natural and Vegan approved. I ordered the Mini Cleanse and Nourish Kit which contains a cleansing oil (30ml) and facial oil (10ml). You are given the option to select for your skin type and I chose for dry and sensitive skin.

I do favour oil or balm cleansers because I have learnt through trial and error that they work best for my skin type. I was attracted to Blue Labelle because they offer a simple formulation of ingredients. I like the aroma of the cleanser as it is not over powering, just a nice floral blend. The bottle has a pump which makes it easy to dispense the desired quantity without risk of spillage. A blue glass bottle is not only attractive but important for maintaining the quality of ingredients. It offers some protection against sun light which can speed up the process of oxidation and the product deteriorates quicker. I enjoy massaging oil into my skin as it feels a luxurious way to cleanse. I also have no difficulties removing with a damp muslin cloth. This removes my mineral foundation with ease. The toner test is always a good way to check and my cotton pad always has minimal traces of powder. 

I enjoy using facial oils as part of my evening routine as they can work their magic whilst I am sleeping. This product does not disappoint, a beautiful fragrance and my skin seems to enjoy the natural ingredients. I like that the bottle has a pipette dispenser as this eliminates mess.

I am very impressed with Blue Labelle. The kit is a nice way to try without committing to full sizes but they are a good size to allow you to gauge an opinion about performance on your skin. I have already gone ahead and purchased the larger size cleanser because I have fallen in love with it. The REN balm cleanser left my skin in a terrible state and I feel this cleanser and oil are helping to resolve the issues I was left with.

Do let me know if I have managed to sway you to order from Blue Labelle. It is always nice to get feedback for my recommendations.

Sarah x

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