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YouTube - Natural & Organic Products I'd Repurchase featuring Antipodes, Blue Labelle, Dr Organics, Deep Steep

Brianna (iluvjesse444) thought it would be a great idea for a Green Beauty Collab so I decided to join in. The topic is "Products I'd Repurchase" and I've filmed a video featuring the products featured above.

Here are links for my product reviews

Suvana Paw Paw Balm click here
Sarakan Mouthwash click here
Everyday Minerals click here
Dr Organic Hand Cream click here
Salcura Derma Spray click here
Dr Bronner click here
Deep Steep Body Mist click here
Antipodes Rejoice Cream click here
Antipodes Toner click here
Dr Organic Pomegranate Cream click here
Bodhi click here
Pai Cleanser click here
Balmology Comfort Balm click here
Blue Labelle click here

I do not have reviews for Deep Steep Body Wash, Crazy Rumors Lip Balm