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Sugarpuffish needs your help

You may or may not know that I had a go at filming myself ramble on about my February Empties and I uploaded to YouTube. The feedback I have received has been overwhelming. I honestly didn't expect it. Last weekend, I sat down on my bed and thought I'll press record and see what happens. I had never filmed myself before, I don't have a fancy camera and had no clue how to edit but I figured it out. It was my Sister and Boyfriend who encouraged me to upload the end result. 

Now that everyone has been so lovely and asked for more videos, that's where I get a little stuck. My blog is a little niche corner of the web and I'm not sure what else I can share with you on film. I've never been a make up girlie, I own one foundation and nothing else. I also don't go out shopping every weekend at Primark as I'm in my 30's and shop at Marks & Spencer.

This weekend I plan on recording a mini haul of skincare I have purchased but after that I am all out of ideas. This is where I need your help. What would you like to see from me? Would an introductory video explaining my life with allergies be of interest or is that just going over old topics?

Leave a comment or tweet me your ideas, full credit will be given if I use them.