Confusing Free From Food Labelling - Sunstart Bakery

Sometimes allergy and free from food labelling leaves me scratching my head. My Mum recently handed me a packet of biscuits saying "I've checked the ingredients you can eat these". However, we were confused why the Allergy Advice states "contains dairy". I can not find a dairy ingredient in the full list, Twitter folk seem to agree with me. I've emailed the company for an explanation but so far no response. I'm wondering if something is not being declared or the label should be "may contain". In response to a tweet from Dairy Free Baby & Me. These biscuits are labelled suitable for Vegetarians, I would assume E 475: Polyglycerol esters of fatty acids, would be derived from vegetable oils.

On a happier note, I recently discovered the biscuits pictured below.
You may remember I wrote about new product launches only being Gluten Free and these fall into that category. I only know these are suitable for me from the labelling on reverse of the packet. My Tesco Clubcard is getting confused at my diet. They must think I've turned Coeliac because I'm getting coupons for Gluten Free products (e.g bread), which I don't require and can't always eat as they contain milk and eggs. I can only assume it's because I am buying products that are solely marketed as Gluten Free, that's what gets them in a muddle.

Anyone else encountering similar problems to those raised here? 


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