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What's in my bin? April Empties 2013

It's that time again for another empties video

Product feature (pictured above)

Natural Bubbles Lavender Bath Creamers (review link)
Deep Steep Honeydew Spearmint Body Wash (review link)
Everyday Minerals Semi Matt Base (review link)
Desert Essence Coconut Shampoo & Conditioner (review link)
Dr Organic Manuka Face Scrub (review link)
Antipodes Ananda Toner (review link)


  1. I find these scrubs with beads to harsh for me but i love using enzyme scrub/mask from 100% Pure:) it's more gentle and it makes my skin smoother and softer :)

    1. Sounds like an interesting product, how do you feel about Japanese Honeysuckle Extract? 100% Pure do come under a lot of criticism for using this ingredient

    2. I'm not really that strict about it, usually i don't buy their body butters and other products that have it, but if i receive something with it i just use it :) This scrub doesn't have it so that's great :)