Review Bloom Remedies Dry Skin & Rescue Baby Balm

Bloom Remedies Dry Skin & Rescue Baby Balm
Bloom Remedies asked me if I would like to try their Dry Skin & Rescue Baby Balm. It is aimed at dry and eczema prone skin and contains my favourite ingredients, Calendula, Chamomile and Lavender. Although this is marketed for little people that does not mean grown ups can’t indulge as well. For anyone who is sensitive to essential oils this may be ideal for you. Baby products are very gentle and the percentage of essential oil in this balm is lower than those found in their other balms.

As you all know I am a balm addict and find them particularly useful in the treatment of my eczema. This balm has a gentle aroma and is soft which helps when massaging into skin. Being able to rub product onto eczema in a gentle manner is extremely important as eczema is often sore and irritated, so the less friction the better. I have enjoyed using this balm, the ingredients suit me and are exactly what I look for in my skincare. 

Bloom Remedies Dry Skin & Rescue Baby Balm
There is a lovely range of products for Face, Body, Mother & Baby and Men. I highly recommend you browse the website.

I know there are a few reviews floating around for other products from this brand. Have you tried a product from Bloom Remedies? What do you think? Any recommendations?

Sarah x

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