Green Lifestyle - How To Use One Paper Towel

Thanks to Natural Beauty Junkie (@shookadnuca) a video popped up in my Twitter timeline and caught my attention. The video teaches you how to use one paper towel so we can help limit wastage. The statistics are for America but I guess there is significant paper towel wastage in the UK. My office (as in my day job/employer) provides paper towels rather than hand dryers and I am sure we are not alone.

"The problems with paper towels are many-fold: they don’t contain significant amounts of fibre for recycling and when they’re dirty or wet, they degrade even further and become non-recyclable. And paper towels soaked in oils, pet or baby waste or other harmful substances should be steered clear of the compost pile." (source -

Sticking with the theme of helping to save paper another novel idea I know about (via Kim @sunymothrnature) are People Towels.

"People Towels are the newest concept in sustainability. An on-the-go, sustainable alternative to paper towels in public facilities, these reusable personal hand towels are made of a patent-pending fabric that is 100% certified organic Fair Trade cotton. The light-weight fabric is absorbent, yet dries quickly."

I imagine People Towels come in handy if you travel regularly and perhaps I need to invest in one for work. If you need a UK stockist I found them at Onya Bags. Does this make you stop and think about paper wastage? Will you now shake and fold?

Sarah x