Review: Inner-Soul Organics Bespoke Facial Oil

Inner-soul Organics got in touch with me to see if I would like to try their bespoke face oil. I accepted the offer because I was intrigued by the service and enticed by the opportunity to have a tailor made product.

“Inner-Soul Organics believes that natural, organic skincare is the future. Born out of understanding and love for aromatherapy and the body's response to massage, this range delivers the finest nourishment to all skin types whilst balancing mind and soul.”

Emma is the founder and creator of products. Her background is nursing and aromatherapy, creating oils in her kitchen for clients. I was sent a Consultation Questionnaire to complete which asked me to describe my skin, what I look for in a product, skin issues, allergies, if I take medication and ingredient dislikes. Emma then analysed my answers and decided what ingredients would suit me.

“Your face oil design is now completed. It takes a while because I try to take everything into account from your questionnaire, as well as looking a little at what is behind your answers. For example, in your case, I have taken into account your preference for 'light' products - in terms of scent and also texture - in addition to your sensitivities, and skin tone. I have also looked at providing you with protection from allergies in the future.”

Before Emma sent me the oil I was given the opportunity to approve a list of ingredients and given explanations of why they were chosen. I was very impressed because there were a number of ingredients which I would choose for myself (Manuka, Lavender, Calendula, Rosehip, Shea butter) and a few which I was not familiar with (Chia seed & Helichrysum). Once I approved the formula Emma had it is manufacturer by her friend in London. 

I have to say the oil is spot on to my personal taste. I had stressed to Emma that I did not like strong fragrances and the aroma is a lovely light blend, perfect for me and it does not make my nose twitch. The oil itself is a pleasure to use and I am gradually seeing my complexion look brighter, fresh and smooth. If I was to criticise one thing it would be the packaging. The bottle is clear and not dark coloured so it is important to keep the product out of direct sunlight. I understand that people like to see how much product is remaining in bottles but it’s not ideal for oils. 

Emma says she always tries to theme the oils and in my case she used the meaning of my name as a basis of a quotation she put on the bottle - Nobody but a real Princess could be so sensitive – Anderson, H.CThis attention to detail did make me smile.

Since this is a bespoke service it does come at a price (£75 – 30ml) and this is one of the most expensive products I have featured on my blog. I will let you decide if you feel it would be a worthwhile investment. What I will say is do not dismiss Inner Soul if the bespoke service is not within your budget constraints as there are ready made products to buy.

Sarah x

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