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YouTube: Skincare Top 5 Cleansers & Moisturisers

My skincare routine is extremely basic. I live by the motto Cleanse, Tone and Moisturise and rarely extend it beyond these three products. I change my cleanser regularly as it's a product I enjoy testing but my moisturiser rarely changes. The important factor for my facial routine is non toxic, natural ingredients that can help with sensitive and dry skin. 

I decided to film a video and talk about my Top 5 cleansers and moisturisers. I must admit I've been lazy and not linked reviews below as there are many. If you are interest use the "search this blog" box in side bar (under GFC followers) to locate a product review.

Products mentioned

Pai Camellia & Rose Gentle Hydrating Cleanser
Savionneire London Daily Facial Cleanser
Balm Balm Coconut Cleanser
Blue Labelle
100% Organics (I also mentioned Lulu & Boo & Suti)

Antipodes Rejoice Light Day Cream
Dr Organic Pomegranate Cream
Borealis Calendula Cream
Barefoot Botanicals SOS face & body cream
Elizabeth's Daughter Intensive Moisturiser

Facial oils/Serums
Peachykeen Rosehip Oil
Myroo Starflower & Orange Blossom Facial Serum
Big Green Tree Facial Serum (review to follow)
Bodhi Desert Rose