- The Kawaii Shop

My favourite section of the supermarket is World Food. I love browsing the weird and wonderful packages and trying to figure out what's inside the packet. I have had the website Tofu Cute bookmarked for some time and placed an order for a friend's birthday gift. 

Pictured above are sweets, biscuits and keyrings all of which I'm hoping my friend will enjoy. She shares my enthusiasm for the quirky and strange. If she is reading who can ever forget the gerkin stuffed olives in Spain.
I could not resist buying myself the Endless Edamame Popping Soybean Pod. It's a long standing joke that no trip to Wagamama is complete without Chilli Garlic Salt Edamame.

I don't recommend this website if you are shopping for friends with allergies. I did not see allergy advice on the website and when my parcel arrived I discovered the chewy sweets contained milk. Anyway, I just felt like sharing in case any of you were as crazy as me and enjoy this kind of quirky stuff.

Sarah x